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It's Hard to Ask for Help

Meni makes it easy
key features

Send An Emergency Message With Ease

Select Severity


Take A Moment To Breathe 


Select Your Desired Contact(s)


Add Up to 10 Emergency Contacts

You can select up to ten people from your contacts who can be used in an emergency and specify which ones are selected as a default.


Text or Call the Suicide Hotline

Easily contact the Suicide Hotline with the click of a button. By selecting call, your phone app will launch with the Suicide Hotline number already dialed, you simply have to click call. When you select text, the app launches the messaging app with a predetermined message you can set. All you have to do is hit send.


About the App

Meni provides an innovative way to cope with anxiety and panic attacks. Meni allows users to reach out to the contact(s) of their choice when experiencing an anxiety attack from just the touch of a button. 
Created by Newtown, CT student Benjamin Ochs, Meni was produced with the Newtown community in mind. Observing the heightened anxiety from fellow students in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook tragedy, Benjamin decided to help his community using his knowhow in the field of technology. 

about the creator

Benjamin Ochs is a senior at Newtown High School in Sandy Hook, CT. He has a deep love for all things science and technology, and is driven to give back to his community through utilizing his passions. Benjamin’s interests range from building with Legos, to repairing and improving household items, to furthering his long standing career in tennis. 

Upcoming Features

Upcoming Features

iOS Support

Support for iPhone users is planned for the near future.

Games and Puzzles

After being prompted to breathe, you will be able to progress to games and puzzles designed calm you down and keep the mind distracted . These are intended to fill the time between the message being sent and help arriving.


Supported in part by

Newtown High School National Honor Society

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